Join Singapore's 1st Digital Flash Mob To Cheer On Our Special Olympics Athletes

These special athletes won 37 medals in the World Games in Athens last year – 12 gold, 13 silver and 12 bronze.

The Singapore five-a-side football team won gold after beating Chile 3-2 in a tense penalty shootout.

Unfortunately they compete to mostly empty stadiums.

We're rallying people together to join a digital flash mob in a show of support for these amazing athletes. It's really easy to participate with just a few clicks.

FB updates and Tweets will be stored and released om 20 Jan in hopes we make Special Olympics Singapore trend so please join in and get your friends to do so as well.
Please do share this with your friends.

Here are Singapore Special Olympic athletes Benson Tan and Lawrence Tay on the medal platform in Athens.

Come Join PinkDot 2010 on 15 May at Hong Lim Park in Singapore

Pink Dot 2009
Last year, the organisers counted about 2,500 people who came together to show solidarity for the right for people of any sexual orientation to love. (press only reported between 900 - 1,500 pple)

This year, Singapore hopes to do it again. Come make PinkDot on 15 May 2010 at Hong Lim Park.

Doesn't matter if you're gay, straight or lesbian, out or closeted. All it matters is if you support the freedom for anyone to love.

To find out more visit:

Help spread the word about PinkDot and bring your friends down to Hong Lim Park on 15 May 2010, 5pm.


Singtel Mobile Is Crapped Up

I just recontracted with Singtel Mobile. At the point of recontracting I noticed the new post-paid plans for the iPhone offered free voice mail, free autoroam and free caller-ID display so I asked about this.

Their reply was, “You’re recontracting as an existing customer so you’re not eligible for this.”

I found it a bit strange that this company which has been in this business a long time didn’t understand the theory of rewarding loyal customers which is a basic tenet in customer delight. I didn’t see the logic of giving different set of benefits to customers purchasing the same product technically when both sets of customers could see clearly the favouritism. I let this slide. I thought it’s not worth pursuing as I was distracted by thoughts of rushing back to play with my new iPhone.

Two days later, I get an SMS informing me that I’d been signed for for Traffic Alerts and I should unsubscribe for this to avoid being charged $3.21 after the promotion period.

This coupled with the nagging feeling of being short-changed by not being eligible for $25 savings a month made me go ballistic.

I promptly called 1626 to unsubscribe from all services and alerts then transferred to an operator who told me when customers recontract they automatically get signed on for these “offers”.

You can imagine how I reacted given that I was already ballistic. I demanded to be taken off all such unwanted services as I considered it spam and made a point that they noted down my EXTREMELY INTENSE displeasure as a customer complaint.

Singtel Mobile, not only do you NOT reward loyal customers, you blatantly try to get away with loading new paid services onto them. What kind of short-sighted profit focused company are you?

As one of the giants in the telco industry do you not understand global best practices of not signing up customers on things and services they did not request for? This is even more so for paid services.

I left Singtel many years ago to move over to Starhub. The ONLY reason why I came back was because of the iPhone. Now you’ve given me reason to leave you a second time permanently. This is the last time I renew my contract with a company who is clueless about good customer service.

Singtel Mobile major fail! Sort of company with majorly warped ideas about retaining customers.
wonder boy

Ris Low As A DJ On 987FM Was A Joke

Shan and Rozz's spat on 987FM and Ris Low as a DJ was an April Fools' prank and it's not real.

From BK's FB Page:
Boomz!!! Happy April Fools' Day! Shan & Rozz's spat on 987FM was NOT real. It's all a prank by BURGER KING®. For all the great fun we all had, BURGER KING® is offering you $1 Angry WHOPPER JR.® with every purchase of medium COKE on 2 Apr 10!

See their FB Page here.

So, what's stopping you? C'MON, GET ANGRY!

Burger King Angry Whopper Jr Promo
go green 1

Earth Hour's Over :: What Else Are We Doing?

This is the second year Earth Hour has come around and it is heartening to see so many people participating and talking about it. Like many environmentalist say, this act won't really make an impact on reducing the earth's carbon footprint and is more a means to awareness.

Now that Earth Hour is over, I'm hoping the awareness can translate to more action.

The hard question we need to ask now is what else are we doing besides turning off your lights for an hour.

If this one hour is all we going to do, then we're really just paying lip-serving in the fight against global warming and making sure future generations have a decent place to live.

Here are some simple things that I think can be done and it'd really be nice to see people make efforts like these.
- Bring Your Own Woven, Cloth or Recyclable Bag When You Shop
- Crush And Compact What You Throw Away
- Lower Usage Of Your Air-Conditioning & Use The Fan
- Eat Less Meat :: Go Meatless on Monday or One Day Of The Week

We’re all complaining about the weather getting hotter or colder and more erratic. I think its time we go beyond one time activities like turning off our lights for one hour and move on to greater efforts that will have a positive effect our planet.

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Coming Out Stories

When I thought about gathering coming out stories I must say I didn't have any idea about what to expect. I've gotten 10 plus contributions so far and they have been wonderful to read. Many gay friends have been wonderful about agreeing to participate in this project and I'm also grateful to them for helping me recruit their friends.

I've learnt quite a bit about families, growing up and love through these men and women's journeys of dealing with feeling different, worrying about rejection, fighting with parents, family who already knew, being thrown out, reconciliation and being accepted.

Thank you to all those who contributed and thank you for visiting to read these special stories.

Stay tuned as I gather more stories to share at