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When I was back in SG ... I got a ride in a friend's Toyota Prius. Its a hybrid car ... he got it 6 months ago and he just needs to fill it with petrol once a month. Once a month!!! That's amazing. When the engine runs on electric mode .... its so quiet!

Anyway .... here's some articles that might be of interest.

10 Best Fuel-Efficient Cars
When it comes to squeezing every last inch of motion out of a drop of gasoline, no one does it like Honda. The Civic ties the MINI Cooper for the title of (deep breath) most economical non-hyrbid car with an automatic transmission on this list -- an amazing feat considering the Civic's acres of interior room and full complement of safety features.

How to drive green - How to drive green

If you don't want to change your current car, there are still ways you can drive greener.

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