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Eye Massage Technique & Direction


The biggest problem I have with my eyes is them HUGE eye-bags that are a result of genetics and long hours in front of the computer. I've tried all kinds of products and various massage techniques through the last 10 years to counter puffiness and dark circles.

Recently, I found out that I've been doing it wrong.

As a result, I searched videos and tutorials online and I realised there are so many different methods that it's hard for anyone to know which advice & technique really works or is correct.

I recently started a new facial regimen and I've been told the direction of circling the eye that I've been using all these years actually works to accentuate lines and puffiness rather than counter.

Key things to remember are:
- use your fourth finger so as not to use too much strength around the sensitive eye area
- circle from outside in under the eye and NOT inside out under the eye
- then as you move above to the brow area ... move in the direction of the eyebrows hairs rather than against

I tried this and when I compared both sides there was a visible reduction in puffiness.

Given the hugely different pieces of advice out there, I can't say if this is the correct one but its the one the works best for me so I thought I'd share it.

Here's a video that uses the inward stroke but she's using the middle finger instead of the fourth finger. The strokes under the eye start at 2.53.

Here's another explaining how to massage the face and the part where they show how to massage the eye area is from 6.53.
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