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Taipei :: Fooders Paradise 2010

This is a long overdue post all about the different foods I tasted in Taipei during my New Year trip in 2010. There are such diverse tastes available and this is just in Taipei. The tastes differ up north and down south.

Ben brought me to this place selling vegetarian food. I never knew vegetarian food could be that varied in taste and I'm glad to have sampled so many dishes.
Taipei Food :: Vegetarian

I then decided it would be difficult if I insisted on eating only vegetarian food so for the rest of the trip I ate meat. It was really to also be able to truly experience Taipei and also be able to spend quality time with friends. Food brings people together and you get a better sense of a city through tasting it's food.

The first meat dish I had with Alan was at this quaint little duck place in Ximending area. We stumbled upon it was we were walking around the many lanes and figured it must be a good place to eat given the number of locals streaming into the place. It was quite interesting to savour the texture of delicious Taipei style duck meat.
Duck At Ximending

See my photolog of my all the foods I tried in Taipei at
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