Jermyn's Ramblings (scorpiojerm) wrote,
Jermyn's Ramblings

Ris Low As A DJ On 987FM Was A Joke

Shan and Rozz's spat on 987FM and Ris Low as a DJ was an April Fools' prank and it's not real.

From BK's FB Page:
Boomz!!! Happy April Fools' Day! Shan & Rozz's spat on 987FM was NOT real. It's all a prank by BURGER KING®. For all the great fun we all had, BURGER KING® is offering you $1 Angry WHOPPER JR.® with every purchase of medium COKE on 2 Apr 10!

See their FB Page here.

So, what's stopping you? C'MON, GET ANGRY!

Burger King Angry Whopper Jr Promo
Tags: angry whopper, april fools day, burger king, ris low

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