March 28th, 2010

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Earth Hour's Over :: What Else Are We Doing?

This is the second year Earth Hour has come around and it is heartening to see so many people participating and talking about it. Like many environmentalist say, this act won't really make an impact on reducing the earth's carbon footprint and is more a means to awareness.

Now that Earth Hour is over, I'm hoping the awareness can translate to more action.

The hard question we need to ask now is what else are we doing besides turning off your lights for an hour.

If this one hour is all we going to do, then we're really just paying lip-serving in the fight against global warming and making sure future generations have a decent place to live.

Here are some simple things that I think can be done and it'd really be nice to see people make efforts like these.
- Bring Your Own Woven, Cloth or Recyclable Bag When You Shop
- Crush And Compact What You Throw Away
- Lower Usage Of Your Air-Conditioning & Use The Fan
- Eat Less Meat :: Go Meatless on Monday or One Day Of The Week

We’re all complaining about the weather getting hotter or colder and more erratic. I think its time we go beyond one time activities like turning off our lights for one hour and move on to greater efforts that will have a positive effect our planet.

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