April 2nd, 2010


Singtel Mobile Is Crapped Up

I just recontracted with Singtel Mobile. At the point of recontracting I noticed the new post-paid plans for the iPhone offered free voice mail, free autoroam and free caller-ID display so I asked about this.

Their reply was, “You’re recontracting as an existing customer so you’re not eligible for this.”

I found it a bit strange that this company which has been in this business a long time didn’t understand the theory of rewarding loyal customers which is a basic tenet in customer delight. I didn’t see the logic of giving different set of benefits to customers purchasing the same product technically when both sets of customers could see clearly the favouritism. I let this slide. I thought it’s not worth pursuing as I was distracted by thoughts of rushing back to play with my new iPhone.

Two days later, I get an SMS informing me that I’d been signed for for Traffic Alerts and I should unsubscribe for this to avoid being charged $3.21 after the promotion period.

This coupled with the nagging feeling of being short-changed by not being eligible for $25 savings a month made me go ballistic.

I promptly called 1626 to unsubscribe from all services and alerts then transferred to an operator who told me when customers recontract they automatically get signed on for these “offers”.

You can imagine how I reacted given that I was already ballistic. I demanded to be taken off all such unwanted services as I considered it spam and made a point that they noted down my EXTREMELY INTENSE displeasure as a customer complaint.

Singtel Mobile, not only do you NOT reward loyal customers, you blatantly try to get away with loading new paid services onto them. What kind of short-sighted profit focused company are you?

As one of the giants in the telco industry do you not understand global best practices of not signing up customers on things and services they did not request for? This is even more so for paid services.

I left Singtel many years ago to move over to Starhub. The ONLY reason why I came back was because of the iPhone. Now you’ve given me reason to leave you a second time permanently. This is the last time I renew my contract with a company who is clueless about good customer service.

Singtel Mobile major fail! Sort of company with majorly warped ideas about retaining customers.