Sahabat Guesthouse Kuala Lumpur

A couple of my friends got together and opened a guesthouse in Kuala Lumpur. They threw a slumber party for friends to celebrate this which I thought was a wonderful idea as I got sleep in their rooms and experienced first hand the coziness and quietness of the place. The guesthouse has little details left over from the original house which gives it a nostalgic atmosphere as well.

My friends say it's a no frills kind of place but I think with the decor of the rooms and friendly ambiance it's a little on the luxurious side of no frills. Of course the place is Wi-Fi enabled and there are even 2 internet stations upstairs making it easy for guests to get connected.

Sahabat GuesthouseSahabat Guesthouse Entrance
Sahabat Guesthouse ReceptionSahabat Guesthouse Suite
Sahabat Guesthouse RoomSahabat Guesthouse Internet Area
Sahabat Guesthouse Stair LightSahabat Guesthouse Pantry Area

I believe a trip can be made of broken by the location of the place you stay. Sahabat Guesthouse is really centrally located as it's walking distance to the great clubs and bars along Changkat Bukit Bintang, some really great shopping at Pavillion and the most amazing food just round the corner at Jalan Alor. Despite its central location, the guest house is nestled in a quiet area where many locals live.

We all were free to pick which room we wanted to spend the night in so having arrived early I chose the Suite which has it's own balcony and is the largest of all their rooms. They have a total of eight rooms; 2 standard rooms, 3 deluxe rooms, 1 superior and 1 suite ranging from RM120 - RM180 per night. All rooms have their own attached toilet.

Yam cooked up a storm and the food was delicious as always. Pictures of us having a great time are below.

I tweeted about the slumber party and someone tweeted back that it would be a great place to take up for a hens-party or a birthday party. She was right. The slumber part was great fun as we all made a lot of noise laughing, playing and run around to each others rooms. We designated one of the bigger rooms as the hang-out area.

Just to make sure we weren't making too much noise I actually took a walk around the front and back at the height of our rowdy slumber party and I can safely say you can trust buildings of old to take into consideration noise pollution.

So if you're looking for a nice cozy place to stay at a great price or are thinking of a place where you can book out all the rooms which won't be too hard on your wallet, try Sahabat Guesthouse.

Check them out at their website

food for slumber partythe gals at the slumber party
the gals at the slumber partyhanging out at the slumber party

Tribute To Women This International Women’s Day

MomIt seems that it’s been women who’ve had a very important influence at the various cross-roads of my life. This post is dedicated to these different women as well as all the women in my life to mark International Women’s Day 2010.

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Singlish is part of Singapore's heritage and history. Respect it for what it is.

The following was written by my dad who also wrote Singapore's first geography textbook. It was published in the Straits Times on 5 August 2006.

Aunty Ying And DadAs a son of Singapore, I grew up with Singaporean English, “catching spiders and playing gasing (top).” In the ‘60s and ‘70s, I was a school teacher in Singapore. I now reside in Richmond BC, Canada. I believe there is a place for Singaporean English in the global scheme of things.

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Do Something For Yourself – Take This Cervical Cancer Assessment Quiz

My mom had breast cancer and my god-mother passed away from cancer two years ago. It's a sobering experience watching someone slowly die from cancer. Every week I hear stories of friends of friends who've been diagnosed with cancer and it seems those getting it are younger and younger.

I've been fortunate to be able to make a small difference in the fight against cancer by working on various cervical cancer awareness campaigns since 2006 with the National Cancer Society of Malaysia.

Speaking with different women and men through the last 4 years I still find that quite a few people don't really know about how cervical cancer is spread and, more importantly, that it can be prevented.

jermyn st

Taipei :: Fooders Paradise 2010

This is a long overdue post all about the different foods I tasted in Taipei during my New Year trip in 2010. There are such diverse tastes available and this is just in Taipei. The tastes differ up north and down south.

Ben brought me to this place selling vegetarian food. I never knew vegetarian food could be that varied in taste and I'm glad to have sampled so many dishes.
Taipei Food :: Vegetarian

I then decided it would be difficult if I insisted on eating only vegetarian food so for the rest of the trip I ate meat. It was really to also be able to truly experience Taipei and also be able to spend quality time with friends. Food brings people together and you get a better sense of a city through tasting it's food.

The first meat dish I had with Alan was at this quaint little duck place in Ximending area. We stumbled upon it was we were walking around the many lanes and figured it must be a good place to eat given the number of locals streaming into the place. It was quite interesting to savour the texture of delicious Taipei style duck meat.
Duck At Ximending

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Chinese New Year Decorations, Traditions & Legends

Last year it was pink blossoms adorning the corner of the living room as well as red and purple lanterns hanging here and there in the house. This year I came back home from my ten day Singapore trip and I was greeted by potted plants & red banners, red blossoms in the living , red-lanterns and pussy willow in a glass vase wrapped with red ribbon.


Read more at about the significance of some Chinese New Year traditions and what I've discovered about the legend of the Nian and how all these celebrations started.

Gong Hei Fatt Choy everyone :-)